The VOICE-CHURCH workshops are well structured and focused on exploration. You won’t find yourself figuring out the intricacies of “solfeg;” instead you are much more likely to find yourself laughing, crying and singing your way through spirituals that send tingles down your spine and into your soul.
— Kristina Soriano
Vernon has been a phenomenal teacher for me being able to open my voice and to sing from depths I never knew I had! His intuitive way of teaching makes it easy and fun to go deeper into what has been stopping me in the past from singing! Thank you Vernon!
— Maria Moore
What a rollercoaster of a truly in-depth exploration of my voice. This wasn’t just about how to sing better, but how to go past the small fears that stop me in life. What a great teacher & coach you are!!
— Michael Wilson
Vernon’s class was awesome!!
— Michael Fernandez
The first time I worked with him he exceeded my expectations and frankly blew me away with his knowledge of singing & performance. Most important of all, he helped me to overcome my almost crippling fear of singing in public. I cannot recommend him highly enough (I’ve trained extensively in LA and NY and Vernon is one of the best teachers I’ve encountered).
— Abigail Rockwell
I benefited greatly from his artistry as a singer, musician and spiritual, compassionate human being. For anyone interested in learning to sing, exploring their voice, or overcoming the inner obstacles we may have to freeing our personal vocal expression, I offer the highest recommendation for Vernon.
— Jonathan Monk
Vernon is more then a voice coach. Voice lessons can be very intimidating but Vernon’s approach to teaching allows you to feel safe and secure with not only him but with yourself too. I got so much more out of our lessons then just learning how to sing. Through our lessons together I actually found my “inner” voice which has been silent most of my life. Vernon’s a phenomenal performer and a magical teacher...he’ll take you places through song you never knew existed. My life has grown in many ways as a result of tapping into my voice...thanks to Vernon.
— Kimberly Prigge
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