VOICE CHURCH is a method to connect powerfully and fully to one's own personal sacred voice and expression.  The voice is an incredibly resilient instrument we use to communicate and express by talking and/or singing. Unfortunately, some of the negative inner comments we have about our voices, have kept us from really hearing and embracing the beauty of our own unique sound. There is no voice like ours in the world. It is as individual as our fingerprints. This is a method to get to that exclusive sound.

The VOICE CHURCH methodology empowers and teaches you to take possession of your unique, one-of-a-kind vocal instrument without using other “voices” as a measure of really hearing and accepting your own distinct voice.  By putting to practice this particular method, one learns how to express passionately by utilizing a strong bedrock of personal heart-filled music (i.e. soul and gospel) and then applying what is experienced through that music to any style of music or expression -- ultimately accessing a personal joy, confidence and freedom.  

The approach works with all facets of vocal communication alleviating fears of singing or speaking in public and brings well-being to every part of your life.


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VOICE CHURCH Founder Vernon Bush explains some of the methodology of VOICE CHURCH and gives a live performance on KMWR's Attunement w/Host Anthony Wright


Benefits that VOICE CHURCH Methodology creates:

  • Increase confidence

  • Access to feelings  

  • Alleviate deep fears around singing in public

  • Uninhibited self expression

  • Unblocking of emotion

  • Shift in perspective

  • Healthier breathing patterns

  • Less anxiety around communicating openly

  • More joy




Steps include:  

1. Getting To Know Your Voice - listening and finding the beauty of your own voice 

2. Breathing & Relaxation - discover the power of your breathing and energy 

3. Rhythm Inside Singing - recognizing how your personal rhythm effects singing and speaking 

4. The Story & Creating The Truth - facing the stories you have about your voice

5. Improvisation - removing your fear of making mistakes and creating something completely out of nothing

6. Overcoming Stage Fright - an opportunity to sing powerfully and be self-expressed

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